(Senior) Frontend Engineer

United Kingdom


Avocet is looking for a full-time (Senior) Frontend Engineer to join our rapidly growing team in London. We will not be considering remote workers for this role.

You will be working on Avocet’s primary product - a web application which forms the gateway to the Avocet platform (dealing with 150,000 queries per second, and processing multiple terabytes of transactional data per day). The speed and scale involved here is exceptional.

This is a hands-on position where you will be asked to do everything from building rock-solid components to mentoring other engineers. You should be a leader, excelling in communication, ownership and customer focus. This is a unique and rare opportunity within an early stage start-up to work closely with the founding team and help shape the technology, product and the business.

Avocet has a strong culture around open-source software, and fully supports individuals who wish to contribute. Our team includes a number of open source contributors and includes an ESLint Core Team member.

You will be expected to:


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